​Life  In  The  Mountains :  It All Happens Up Here In The Forest 

Well for a few years now we have been playing Petanca. We have also entered several competitions and done very well, winning various trophies, wines and food.  But  I hadn't played in competitions for a while then two weekends ago I went with my old partners to Asco and played.  We came second in our group and won wine and dried sausage, a good sign, which is how we came to be at Fayon last weekend.  Again wine and dried sausage brilliant, but things didn't end there.   On Monday we went to the club and played in a club competition we came first this time I won a trophy and ham.   I have been told the next competition is in September more ham???? 

​The weather has been a little odd, no odd's not the word for it erratic is a better one.   As I have mentioned before we have been have some very hot weather here and no rain.  So when the weather people said more sun and gave out heat warnings well I thought more sweltering days in air-conditioner going and listening to the cricket (I follow Essex) little did I think it would actually rain.  

Well it did but first we had one of the scariest  thunderstorms  - an electric storm - no rain and in a tinder dry forest that's not good.  It has my wife scurrying round gathering up the bits and pieces that are important (like a military op) and having the duck-tape ready (for covering the boys nesting box so we can all get away safely).   These are the photos I took as I watched the horizon  the lightening was going across the sky not down so after a while I decided we would be ok and relaxed...a little.

​So the next day was a bit cloudy and very humid which gave us a pressure headache so we went into town late. On returning home the sky began to cloud over and then it rained, not heavy rain but in short sharp showers plus the thunder and lightning. On the third day we got the big one.  Heavy rain and  lots of it, plus the thunder and lightning but with the rain so heavy I wasn't so worried.  The large cisterna is now 3/4 full and the little one 1/4 full as are the garden cubes.  All the plants were watered, and I think one more storm like that and we will be set for water. 

​So whats's new on the  'Boys' front?  Well  I think we may have a few babies on our hands in a while.  Mamma X has been getting rather stroppy  of  late, plus its that time of year.  Since we have had them they have tried twice to produce offspring but none of the eggs have hatched,  still we live in eternal hope.  

​As for their playing between the FFZ roof and the wood, they are not so keen now.  You see life up here goes like this:-

​The boys have the run of the FFZ  and as long as they don't attack my wife's plants they are fine.  I have had to get my wife to move some succulents out of the FFZ to a safer place as on a few mornings I have found the plants on the floor.  Not eaten just pulled out of the pot, and we ALL know who did that, don't we boys!!!  Anyway  last Friday my wife decided that enough was enough so she took  broom, buckets and gardening stuff out there and got going.  First off she gave the boys, cage a proper cleaning, not just a clean floor but cage bars and toys as well.  Then filled their water and food troughs before telling them to "get in the cage".  I have to say the boys were very quiet whilst this was going on they sat peering over the edge of the wood watching.  Now I had been sitting watching her but even I moved when she said that she meant business.   Expecting the boys to go and hide I decided to retreat and leave them to it., but they must have realised they had gone too far as when she pointed to the now sparkling cage and said "get in your cage - now!" they did just that.    

​Next  on her list was cleaning the FFZ floor, with this duly done she moved the boys back up by my window and proceeded to repair the damage they had caused to a few plants.  Pots, soil/compost were duly produced and moving began.  Geraniums replaced plants the boys liked to peck at, a strong support was placed in the Bottlebrush plant where they liked to sit and bounce,  and various flowering cacti were moved to deter more of the boys 'gardening'. I have let the boys get away with quite a bit and it has cost me - well not yet - in the shape of new pots for the garden.  So how did they get locked out? well as its been so hot here we haven't gone into town until evening, Normally we check that the boys are  in their cage and shut the door before we go,  anyway everything was quiet so we thought the boys were in their cage my wife closed the door and off we went.  Oh boy what a mistakea to makea, when we returned about 2 hrs later before we had even got out of the car they were shouting and hollering, and we just knew what had happened.  When we got to the FFZ there they were  clinging to the side of the cage trying to get in.  My wife went and opened the door, me being the peaceful type went into the house turned on my laptop and the cricket a few minutes later the boys were eating away and telling me all bout it, rotten mum.  Mind you I notice that they are not so quiet and in the cage by around 5pm - just in case.........


​Oi!  Mum & Dad You shut us out and left us Let us in  Let us in!!!   

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