Well the weekend my wife flew to the UK I was playing in a competition - definitely the last of the season - up in the mountains.  I have never played here before and was surprised to find it had a good club there.   Our team came second so I came home with some rather nice wine and a dried sausage. 

​One of the things that I really love about the competitions is that you sometimes get to visit places you see on signposts but never go there because you are on your way somewhere else.  This is one place I shall be taking my wife.

​Then last Thursday it was Spain Day, so 9am saw us at the club as requested.  The programe was  9am to play petanca, 1pm for lunch.  So around 10am people began turning up so tables and chairs were duly set out under the netting then sides picked for petanca.  We must have played for nearly 4 hours as lunch didnt start till gone 1pm.  Then  around 6ish we played one more game and left around 7pm.  A long day for us but oh so enjoyable.

                                                An update on the boys    

​So whats's new on the  'Boys' front?  Well  my wife went to the UK to spend a few weeks with our daughter and see  people about my books, she had the easy part  I had the hard part.  ​As I have said before they play between the FFZ roof and the wood, however they cant do that now I put a stop to it. So this is how  life up here goes:-

​The boys have the run of the FFZ  and as long as they don't attack my wife's plants they are fine (nothing has changed there).  I have had to place a net over three of my wife plants  the Bottlebrush (which they were pulling branches off of)  the Bay tree and another plant which I dont know the name of. So to keep the peace and stop them from destroying any more I found a large piece of olive netting and made a protective cover for them.  So that is sorted yeh?? with the boys NO!!!  I took my wife to the airport and on return let the boys out and true to form Bluebottle managed to get behind the netting. A lot of shouting followed and whilst not wanting her to hurt herself I waited for her to get out - well she got in there.   After a while and some net climbing she did just that. I then made sure there were no more places where she could get behind the net and told her off.  Good I thought thats solves a problem but they had one more up their wings.

​One morning I was busy writing and the boys wanted to come out so I opened their cage and went back to my desk.  Suddenly there was a lot of shouting and they were running up and down the beam but not going down their tunnels.  That could only mean one of two things a Gecko or Snake was up there.  Gecko's were no problem but if a snake had got in THAT was another thing entirely.   So I went and got my jig-saw  got the boys into their cage then decided to see what was up there.  There being no other way out from the tunnels I would see anything that came out so I proceeded to hit the wood - from a safe distance I might add - but nothing emerged so then I got the jig-saw and cut the wood back to the beam.  Now there are no tunnels or hiding places for anything.  During this the boys were very quiet they just sat and watched me.  

​Next  thing was cleaning the FFZ floor, so broom in hand I set to work it did not take long and once it was clean and tidy, the jig-saw put away I let them out.  First thing they did was fly to the beam and inspect my handy work.  For a couple of days they were rather quiet but I should have known better, they now have lots of places to pick at the wood and the top of the pillars gives them a vantage point.  But they are learning, they manage to drop lots of wood on the floor and this morning my wife found them picking it up and taking it back to the cage for nesting material, no broom or dustpan but hey its a start. 


​Life  In  The  Mountains :  It All Happens Up Here In The Forest 

Forest News :    Petanca, Wine, A Fueta , and Good Friends

​Ok so no rain is normal for us, I just wish someone would let the weather peeps know.  Every evening we watch the news followed by the weather and sometimes it shows our region with a little cloud raining - and thats about what we get A PICTURE ON THE TV.....

Now  we had a few little - and I do mean little- bursts in September  but nothing since and everyone has expressed concern about the fact that there has been very little rain for both farms and gardens alike.  So much so that some of the springs are drying up.   This is autumn and it SHOULD rain now and then  but todate nothing, nada, zilch. The clouds come over  but do nothing and go elsewhere, for the farms this is a bit worrying.  Yes some can take water from the river but not everyone, and for these farms lack of rain at certain times is a worry. 

​​Unlike in the UK where it rains quite a bit we have been going through a drought for the past 10 years. They say things go in 11 year cycles so if this is true we should be coming out of it soon.  The cisterna is low so I expect we will have to buy house water in at some stage, but who knows perhaps it will snow this year.  Even Morocco is short of water in certain cities.  They have been growing water melons and as these fruits take up so much water and the rainfall has been poor there the water for the town is running out, so it is not just here that is suffering.  

​Lets hope we have a wet winter.  

OK  so where's the RAIN????