​​Well it has been raining. Not as much as it has in other parts of the country or indeed Europe but enough to steadily fill the large cisterna.  At this moment in time its about 3/4 full and with more rain forecast we should have enough to take us through the hottest part of summer.

​The fact that there is still snow just up country from us and its still falling plus the rain that has been tipping down in Galicia at the top of the Ebro river is once again going to mean flooding when the snow finally starts to melt.  Last year floods devastated Zaragossa and Aragon, plus we have noticed that the river is running high even now. With three dams and the odd weir along its route it still manages to flood.  Of course  building on flood plains and in dry river beds is not the ideal thing but it happens, especially down south.  Last year we were seeing news reports of cars going down streets towards the sea nothing anybody could do to stop them such was the force of the water.  

​But we are not 'out of it' up here there are strong wind warnings in force as we speak and being in a forest valley we can hear the wind howling especially during the night.  Trees do come down and yes when we find them we cut them up and theres firewood for next winter. 

​The top picture shows what it can do when it took the roof off the shed.  But the other side is this picture of fungi that appeared on the finca during such weather.  We have tried to find out what they are but apart from looking like tree stumps no one has actually been able to tell us what they are, just another mystery of finca life.

​The Wild Boar 

​Living in the forest has its good and bad sides.  The good side is the number of animals we get to see as well as the birds. The bad side is this little lot when they go marauding through the garden and destroying my wifes flower beds.   

​This happened last year then over the Christmas period they found a new game.  On the lower terrace where we have the septic tank they have made a 'wallo hole'.  I first noticed it when I was clearing around the olive trees and pruning/lopping the big branches.  So I moved one of the cameras and the photos here are what we got.  I have yet to fix the camera to the tree for a clearer shot but you can get the idea.  

​Now I think I mentioned that we saw a Worthog last year.  Yes I know they are African animals but obviously someone bought one and then decided it was too much to handle and turned it loose in the forest.  Well thinnk how surprised we were when we met a neighbour who had also seen him,  Description was "a large hog with a punk haircut and antena type tail that move with the speed of light".  Yep that was Wally Worthog alright (wish my wife wouldn't name them she has me at it now).   So now its official and the cameras are being checked for Wally  one day we will get that picture.  The photos may not be very clear but you can see the boar at the wallo hole.  I am hoping to get the camera fixed to the olive tree where there are no grass or plants to block the view but at 74 climbing trees is not a totally good idea.

                                                              The boys  toys and other things   

Strange      Weather 

​So what have they been up to since I was last on here?  Not a lot really, they have been doing what they do best - getting into mischief.

​So let me catch you up.


I told you about their large toy that scared them a bit and what my wife has done to it (see picture) so what did they think of it. Well they sit on it chew strips off it drop loads on the floor and generally swing around and shout.  So nothing new there, however they have been helping with the gardening of the pots, I'm not saying my wife is that pleased but then they are not trying to destroy the plants.........yet!

But one of the other things we have now to be careful of when we go out to the FFZ  is they  have discovered the floor...  my wife was going to shut them in as we were going out and not realising they were on the floor nearly stood on one.   So now we are very careful when they are flying around the ffz  as they have a new game peeking out from under the cage and making a dash to the tables or under the chairs. Its not that bad really but when I hear my wife saying ' oh no you dont' I just know one of them has landed on her computer in the ffz.  She has 'moved' her office out there (takes her computer and stuff and sits in the shade) when weather permits or is busy moving her potted plants around when it rains so they get  watered by the rain that runs off the netting.

​So they are doing well. However my wife has had to put their blankies back in the evenings as its getting cold again. But it wont be long - we hope - before their blankies can be washed and put away until next winter.  Some birds are spoilt....

 We actually went to the UK to visit our daughter whilst I had some business to attend to and the boys were ok.  We were away for 1 week but my wife left them plenty of water and seed (a trip to Jardi Land saw to that) New water containers and seed tubs plus some millet were the order of the day. When we arrived back they still had plenty of water and food left so now we know they can be left for a few days and be ok.  Oh and their blankies were laid over the top of their cage and hung down the side that faces north so they were fairly protected from the wind and cold. 

However they still wanted to know what we had brought them back as a present, needless to say they also played up when told to get back in their cage as we were going out, nothing changes.

​Life  In  The  Mountains :  It All Happens Up Here In The Forest