​                            The  Jason  Watson  Books  .

​Tormented Loyalties

A Jason Watson Book

​Jason's love life is complicated. Two wives in two different cultures and countries, mistresses, children and various dalliances, which as long as they are not together he can manage.  However as with all things in life fate decrees otherwise.  Danger stalks his family in China he is needed there so begins another adventure. Will he and Claudia survive this turn of events?  Read the book to find out.   Another fast paced adult romantic adventure with all the action you have come to expect from Jason.

​Tormented Loyalties  is out on Kindle & Kindle Prime and in paperback from Createspace  

      A Bengal Poppy

         The Jason Watson Books

Jason returns to England now a married man with investments and property to enjoy. A beautiful wife who has changed from a prude to a predator. Jason is tempted by government and the East India Company with an enhanced position in society - the aristocracy.  But  as always he has to put his life on the line to save everyone from bankruptcy for trading with China. As it was in those times  all the bullion was travelling in one direction, China.  What was needed was bullion from China, opium was the only thing they paid in silver for.  But could he get the Chinese to purchase opium and make Britain the largest supplier of opium, it is here that he has to make a great commitment. 

Meanwhile back in England, Claudia his wife is living a debauched existence in grand houses cuckolding him endlessly.  Enjoying herself and others totally unaware of her husbands dangerous situation.  Does Jason survive? if so how does he survive and to what cost?  to find the answers read A Bengal Poppy.

A Bengal Poppy is out on Kindle, & Kindle Prime and in paperback from Createspace  

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A Soldiers Wind

The Jason Watson Books

​Jason Watson is an orphan, sent to sea by his Aunt and Uncle who are his guardians. The sea becomes his life, home, school and battle ground.  Learning about life the hard way, he develops friendships earning the respect of men and officers alike.  

Now older and battle scarred  he returns to England to convaless, It is whilst here that his Uncle introduces Jason to the charms of 'ladies' and he has his first sexual encounters.  When Jason is fully recoverd he is sent back to sea and the West Indies where his adventures really start.  Read about his loves, friendships, the battles and his desires.

This is a fast paced adult book, which takes a look at the attitudes of the times. Things may not have been so 'modern' but believe me they had far more fun.  But don't just take my word for it,  read the book for yourself and follow Jason's adventures both at sea and in the bedroom,

A Soldiers Wind is out on Kindle, & Books2Read.com  and in paperback from Createspace  

​The Jason Watson Books  are about the life and times of  Sir Jason Watson.  A look at the social life in London, the West Indies, China and the far east.  A time where social ideas and attitudes were slowly changing but under certain circumstances some things were acceptable.

​Through these stories runs a love story be it not what you would accept today but this is the 1700/1800's not today.  Morals were different then, men with money and a certain amount of power were expected to have a wife and mistress or two  Jason is no different.

​But he loves his Claudia even if she is not as faithful as she should be.  He is often away at sea or on business and they both have a healthy sexual appetite so Claudia has 'friends' who keep her entertained.  Jason takes his amours where he can but in their own way they are faithful to each other love each other and loyal to their friends.

These books are a look at their lives and times. Packed with adventure, both action and sexual but mostly about the  love they have for one another no matter what.

​A hero and heroine of their times, a great love story with a difference, if you like adventure and action mixed in with a little sex plus a  love story then this is for you.   Read and enjoy

​(c) Michael Douglas Bosc