A Fathers Kill

   A Stanley Saunders Book

​The things the "department" asks  Stanley to do are varied but when he is asked to go to the Kremlin with strict instructions as to his 'job' he is going into danger.  His adventures in the Kremlin as Josef Stalin, the father of his people, is coming to the end of a life filled with violence, is no exception and why Stanley has to go into the Soviet Union to make this happen. 

As with most overt operations there are counter ops by those who want no record of what they have done or ordered to be done. So there are consequences to his actions that brand him a traitor with him being hunted by his own people.  Schemes  are being hatched to destroy him,  but with the help of the Ninth Directive he attains some form of security. Secret Service life  is a dirty and dangerous business....  

A Fathers Kill is on Kindle and Kindle Prime and in paperback from Createspace. 

A Caring Killer

                                                          A Stanley Saunders Book

The army had finally got it's hands on Stanley.  Having avoided military service with a phony medical certificate,  the ruling classes get their claws into him. Stanley is  a very efficient and careful killer, an asset that many governments desire and in a time when many people were flexing their muscles.   

The "department" decides Stanley could be used to keep them under control. To ensure he co-operates they enlist the help of his mother who persuades him that being on the inside is preferable to having the threat of the rope continually hanging over him.  To Stanley who sees things in black and white with no grey areas, this is a good option, his only option and so he begins to kill as directed, and his new life begins. 

A Caring Killer is out on Kindle and Kindle Prime and in paperback from Createspace.

 An East End Boy

                                                  A Stanley Saunders Book

The war is over, everything is hard and grey.  The cold seeps into their very being despite Diane's efforts to keep them warm.  In this situation Diane is loathe to give up her profession enjoying the lifestyle, but people are not the same. 

Then there is her beloved son Stanley. He is working now trying to go straight,  but society conspires against him and his m other.  So he follows a life of crime becoming his mothers protector and removing those people who are a threat.  His reputation gets around and he becomes a killer for the local crime Baron.  Then one day..........well that would be giving the story away.   You can find out what happens by reading the book which is out on Kindle and Kindle Prime and in paperback from Createspace.

A Perilous Future

A Stanley Saunders Book

Diane Saunders an Unmarried mother arrives in London with a small son in tow, one weeks rent money is all that separates her from the workhouse. 

1930's Britain is a hard place to exist no welfare state in those days.  She has sold her body previously so returns to the only work she knows. But luck is with her in the form of  a friendly policeman who helps her to make contact with people who can supply her with work.  Her son Stanley grows up in this hard and unforgiving environment and the political extremes of the time.

Diane meanwhile becomes a killer initially for a bookmaker and then during the war for the Government, this is a hard and dangerous time and Dianne was looking at a Perilous Future.....

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The  Politicians

The Politicians

A Stanley Saunders Story 

​Never trust a politician!  who ever said those words knew politicians well.   Suddenly the new 'kid on the block' was the SAS, making the "department" and Stanley surplus to requirements.   So begins a subterfuge of divide and conquer, to destroy the "department" and those in it as well as Stanley.  

​As Dianne told him once you have worked for them you are never safe, but if you have 'insurance' you might just survive.   Some did not believe in insurance but did Stanley? did he survive the attempts on his life?   well if you believe that Politicians are devious, liars and just plain not trustable then read The Politicians and find out.

The Politicians is on Kindle and Kindle prime  with the Paperback available from Creatspace.